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Important terms

GNV, G.N.V., gaz naturel pour véhicules CNG for cars
carburant gaz naturel
gaz naturel comprimé compressed natural gas
particuliers private person
ne pas: gaz de pétrole liquéfié, GPL not: Liquified petroleum gas, LPG

Important remarks

The self-service stations of GNVert require credit cards with chip of the latest generation and PIN. Formerly German and Swiss banks did often not activate the necessary functions in their credit cards, but this old generation of cards is not widespread any more. To be on the safe side you should also carry maestro or V-Pay banking cards. Unfortunately you cannot be sure, if a banking card works once, that it is accepted at the next try again, so you should have at least two different banking cards with you.

All french CNG dispensers are equipped with a dead-man's control. Keep this button pressed during the whole filling procedure, otherwise the filling will stop immediately.

Sometimes the bottles will not get full. Then you can repeat the filling process again or use another filling point, if there are more than one.


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list of CNG filling stations

CityPaymentOpening hoursReports
public stations (93) -
Agencredit cards, debit cards, Badge GNVert24h2019-10-18, ...
Aire sur l'Adourcash, credit cardsMonday-Friday 8:30-12:30, 13:30-16:302019-09-12, ...
Aix-en-Provencecredit cards, debit cards, Badge GNVert7-20h2019-10-09, 2019-09-16, 2019-09-10, 2019-08-25, 2019-08-19, 2019-06-22, 2019-06-18, 2019-04-29, 2019-03-20, 2018-07-23, ...
Azécredit cards24h2020-01-17
Bondouflecredit cards, debit cards, Badge GNVert24h2017-06-17
Bonneuil-sur-Marnecredit cards, debit cards, Romac Fuels24h2017-09-21, 2017-09-19, 2017-08, 2017-07-30, 2017-07-24, 2017-07-24
Bordeauxcredit cards, debit cards, Badge Gas Natural24h2020-09-25, 2020-09-06, 2020-09-05, 2020-09-02, 2020-08-02, 2020-01-29, 2019-09-27, 2019-09-12, 2019-09-06, 2019-07-27, ...
Bouloccredit cards, debit cards, Badge GNVert24h2019-09-11, 2018-04, 2018-03-18
Bourg-en-Bressecredit cards, debit cards, Badge GNVertMonday-Friday 7-172019-10-22, ...
Bourgescredit cards, debit cards, Badge GNVert5-222020-08-22, 2020-08-19, 2020-08-15, 2019-12-22, 2017-07-29, 2017-06-10, ...
Carpiquetcredit cards, debit cards, Badge Gas Natural, Romac Fuels24h2020-08-22, 2020-08-08, 2020-06-29
Castetscredit cards, debit cards, Badge Gas Natural, Romac Fuels24h2020-09-07, 2019-09-12, 2019-08-25, 2019-08-17, 2019-08-13
Chalon-sur-Saônecredit cards, debit cards, Badge GNVert24h2020-09-27, 2020-09-12, 2020-09-04, 2020-08-22, 2020-08-19, 2020-06-26, 2019-09-28, 2019-09-13, 2019-09-06, 2019-09-05, ...
Chambérycredit cards, debit cards, Badge GNVert24h2019-04-21, 2019-03-08, 2018-07-07, 2018-05, 2018-04-06, 2017-07-03, 2017-04-22, 2016-05-28, 2016-04-01, 2015-06, ...
Chambérycredit cards, debit cards, fleet cards, Romac Fuels24h2020-03-03
Champigny-sur-Marnecredit cards, debit cards, Badge GNVert24h2018-11-05, 2015-06-07, ...
Cholet24h2020-08-24, 2020-08-20, 2019-06-23
Combs-la-Villecredit cards, debit cards, Badge GNVert24h
Corbascredit cards, debit cards, Badge GNVert24h2019-09-08, 2019-05-18, 2019-05-04
Couzon-au-Mont-d'Orcredit cards, debit cards24h2019-09-08, 2015-08, 2015-07-23, ...
Cran-Gevriercredit cards, debit cards, Badge GNVert24h2020-03-03, 2019-03-02, 2017-07, 2017-05-01, 2017-03, 2016-05-24, 2015-08-09, 2015-06, 2015-02-07, ...
Dijoncredit cards, debit cards, Badge GNVert24h2015-07-28, ...
Fontenay-le-Comtecredit cards, debit cards, filling card24h
Forbachcredit cards, debit cards, Badge GNVert24h2020-08-23, ...
Fretindebit cards24h2020-08-22
Garonscredit cards, debit cards, Badge GNVert24h2019-10-09, 2019-09-10
Geispolsheimcredit cards, debit cards, Badge GDS24h2017-07-30, 2017-07-24, ...
Gennevillierscredit cards, debit cards, Badge GNVert24h2016-07-30, ...
Gennevillierscredit cards, debit cards, Total GR, AS24, Eurotrafic24h
Glisycredit cards, debit cards, Total GR, AS24, Eurotrafic24h2020-08-08, 2020-06-28
Grenoblecredit cards, debit cards, Badge GEG24h2017-07, 2017-03, 2016-06-24, 2015-08-09, 2015-07-20, ...
Hénin-Beaumontcash, credit cards, Total GR, AS24, Eurotrafic24h2017-07-26
Ibos24h2019-09-11, 2019-08-08
La Chaize-le-Vicomtecredit cards, debit cards, fleet cards, Romac Fuels24h2020-08-28
La Courneuvecredit cards, debit cards, Badge GNVert24h2017-08-16, 2017-07-25
La Tronchecredit cards, debit cards, Badge GEG24h2020-03-03
Le Havrecredit cards, debit cards, Badge GNVert24h2020-08-21, 2018-07, 2017-07-28, 2017-07-27, 2017-07-23, 2015-07-06, 2015-05-09, ...
Le Puy-en-Velaycredit cards, debit cards, Badge GNVert24h2019-08-04, ...
Le Rheucredit cards, debit cards, Badge GNVert24h2020-08-20
Les Essartscredit cards, debit cards, fleet cards, Romac Fuels24h
Limogescredit cards, debit cards, Badge GNVertMonday-Friday 8-19h except holidays2020-09-10, 2019-09-05, 2017-06-22, ...
Limogescash, credit cards24h2020-09-26, 2020-09-10, 2020-09-05, 2019-09-27, 2019-09-12, 2019-09-06, 2019-09-05, 2019-07-26, 2019-07-08, 2017-09-22, ...
Locminécredit cards, debit cards, filling card24h2020-08-20, 2019-12-06, 2019-10-28, 2019-10-17, 2019-10-03, 2019-06-15
Lunel-Vielcredit cards, debit cards, Badge GNVert24h2019-09-10, 2019-08-21, 2019-05-11, 2019-05-04, 2018-10, 2017-07, 2017-05-01, 2015-05, ...
Mâconcredit cards, debit cards, Badge GNVert24h2019-08-22, 2019-08-04, 2017-09-22, 2017-04-21, ...
Marcoussiscredit cards, debit cards, Badge GNVert24h2020-08-22, 2015-05-24, 2015-05-17, 2015-05-15, ...
Meauxcredit cards, debit cards, Badge GNVert24h...
Migné-Auxancescredit cards, debit cards, Badge Gas Natural, Romac Fuels24h2020-08-02
Mitry-Morycredit cards, debit cards, Badge GNVert24h2018-08-06
Montbartiercredit cards24h2019-09-11
Montbéliardcredit cards, debit cards, Badge GNVertMonday-Friday 8-12 13:30-17 except holidays2019-08-22, 2019-08-09, ...
Montélimarcredit cards, debit cards, filling card24h2019-09-08, 2019-08-16, 2019-08-09, 2018-05-16
Montigny-lès-Metzcredit cards, debit cards, Badge GNVert24h2018-08-05, 2017-08-03, 2015-06-07, 2015-04, ...
Montpelliercredit cards, debit cards, Badge GNVert5-212019-05-17, 2019-05-12, 2019-05-05, 2017-07, 2017-05-05, 2016-08-13, 2016-07-30, 2016-06-25, 2016-06-12, 2015-08, ...
Mortagne-sur-Sèvrecredit cards24h2020-08-20, 2019-10-28, 2019-10-18
Nanterrecredit cards, debit cards, Badge GNVert
Neverscredit cards, debit cards, Badge GNVert24h2020-08-21, 2020-08-04, 2017-07-29, ...
Niederhergheimcredit cards, debit cards, filling card24h
Orlycash, credit cards, debit cards, Total GR, AS24, EurotraficMonday-Friday 5-21, Saturday 6-13h
Port-Saint-Louis-du-Rhônecredit cards, fleet cards, Badge V-GAS, Romac Fuels24h2019-09-10
Puget-sur-Argenscredit cards, debit cards, fleet cards, Badge V-GAS, Romac Fuels2019-09-09
Rungiscredit cards, debit cards, Badge GNVert24h2017-07-25
Saint-Étiennecredit cards, debit cards, Badge GNVert24h...
Saint-Étiennecredit cards, debit cards, Romac Fuels24h
Saint-Gironscash, credit cardsMonday-Saturday 6-21, Sunday+holidays 7:30-202017-07, ...
Saint-Herblaincredit cards, debit cards, Badge GNVert5-212017-07-28, 2015-05-23, ...
Saint-Martin-de-Craucredit cards, fleet cards, Badge V-GAS, Romac Fuels24h2019-09-19, 2019-09-10, 2019-08-25, 2019-05-13
Saint-Pierre-du-Montcash8-17 ?2019-09-12
Saint-Pierre-en-Faucignycredit cards, filling card24h2020-03-03
Saint-Priestcredit cards, debit cards, Badge GNVert24h2019-09-08
Saint-Quentincredit cards, debit cards, Badge GazUP24h2020-08-22, 2019-09-29
Saint-Thibault-des-Vignescredit cards, debit cards, fleet cards, Badge V-GAS, Romac Fuels24h
Saint-Vincent-de-Tyrossecredit cards, debit cards, Romac Fuels24h2020-09-07, 2019-10-17, 2019-09-12, 2019-08-31
Saint-Witzcredit cards, debit cards, Badge GNVert
Sarregueminescredit cards, debit cards, Romac Fuels24h2020-08-23
Simandrescredit cards, filling card24h2019-09-08, 2019-05-18
Sorignycredit cards, debit cards, Badge GNVert24h2020-08-19
Sotteville-lès-Rouencash, credit cards, Total GR, AS24, Eurotrafic24h
Strasbourgcredit cards, debit cards, Badge GDS24h2017-09-22, 2017-07-30, 2017-07-24, ...
Strasbourgcash, credit cardsMonday-Friday 6- 22, Saturday+Sunday+holidays 7-222017-07-30, 2017-07-24, ...
Strasbourgcash, credit cards, Total GR, AS24, Eurotrafic24h2019-09-07
Tervillecredit cards, debit cards, Badge GNVert24h2020-08-23, 2019-01-03, ...
Toulousecredit cards, debit cards, Badge GNVert24h2019-10-18, 2019-10-17, 2019-09-11, 2019-08-08, 2018-07-29, 2017-07, ...
Valbonne - Sophia Antipoliscredit cards, debit cards, Badge GNVert24h2019-09-09, 2019-04-21, 2018-08, 2018-07-20, 2018-05, 2018-04-09, 2017-03, 2015-02-12, ...
Valencecredit cards, debit cards, Badge GNVert24h2020-06-29, 2019-09-08, 2019-08-10, 2019-04-30, 2019-04-13, 2018-05-09, 2018-03-29, 2017-07, 2017-06-09, 2017-04-22, ...
Valenciennescredit cards, debit cards, Badge GNVert24h2020-08-07, 2017-07-26, 2017-07-25, 2017-07-23, 2016-08-15, 2015-05-24, 2015-05-09, ...
Vannescredit cards, debit cards, Romac Fuels24h2020-08-20, 2017-07-28
Villeurbannecredit cards, debit cards, Badge GNVert24h2016-06-25, 2016-06-12, 2015-07-23
Wissouscredit cards, debit cards
Semi-public stations (39) -
Aire-sur-la-LysBadge Air Liquide24h2020-08-21
Aix-en-ProvenceBadge GNVert24h2019-09-10, 2019-07-28
ArgœuvesBadge Air Liquide, Romac Fuels24h
AuxerreBadge GazUP, Romac Fuels24h2020-08-19, 2019-09-30
BloisTotal GR, AS24, Eurotrafic24h
BlyesBadge Air Liquide, Romac Fuels24h
BordeauxBadge GNVert24h2020-09-05, 2019-10-28, 2019-09-12, 2019-07-23, 2019-06-29, 2019-04-27, 2018-09-28, 2018-09-08, 2017-09-22, 2017-06-22, ...
BourgesBadge GNVert24h2020-08-22, 2020-08-19, 2020-08-15, 2019-12-22
Carbon-BlancTotal GR, AS24, Eurotrafic24h
CestasBadge Air Liquide, Romac Fuels24h2019-09-12, 2019-09-06, 2019-08-17
Chevilly-Laruefilling card
ColomiersTotal GR, AS24, Eurotrafic24h
Crépy-en-ValoisBadge Air Liquide, Romac Fuels24h
DuttlenheimBadge Air Liquide, Romac Fuels24h2019-09-14
FauverneyBadge Air Liquide, Romac Fuels24h2019-10-04, 2019-09-13, 2019-09-06
Fléville-devant-NancyBadge Air Liquide, Romac Fuels24h2020-08-18, 2017-07-24
GaëlBadge Air Liquide, Romac Fuels24h2020-08-20
GauchyBadge Air Liquide, Romac Fuels24h2020-08-22
GrenobleBadge GEG7:30-11:30, 13:30-16:30h
HauconcourtBadge GNVert24h
LensBadge Air Liquide, Romac Fuels24h
LesquinBadge Air Liquide, Romac Fuels24h2020-08-22
LimayTotal GR, AS24, Eurotrafic
MonéteauBadge Air Liquide, Romac Fuels24h2020-08-19, 2020-08-02, 2019-09-30
NantesTotal GR, AS24, Eurotrafic24h
Nicefilling card2019-09-09
RennesBadge GN Drive24h
RennesTotal GR, AS24, Eurotrafic24h
RezéTotal GR, AS24, Eurotrafic
RoyeBadge GNVert24h
Saint-Quentin-FallavierTotal GR, AS24, Eurotrafic24h
Saint-SaturninTotal GR, AS24, Eurotrafic24h
Savigny-sur-ClairisBadge Air Liquide, Romac Fuels24h2020-08-19
ServonBadge Air Liquide, Romac Fuels24h
Sotteville-lès-RouenBadge GN Drive24h
ToulouseBadge GazUP24h
VeaucheBadge Air Liquide, Romac Fuels24h
Villefranche-sur-SaôneTotal GR, AS24, Eurotrafic
YzeureBadge GN Drive24h2020-08-22
planned stations (44) -
Aix-en-Provencecash, credit cards, Total GR, AS24, Eurotrafic
Avignoncash, credit cards, Total GR, AS24, Eurotrafic24h
Bézierscash, credit cards, Total GR, AS24, Eurotrafic24h
Clermont-Ferrandcredit cards, debit cards, Badge GNVert24h
Épônecash, credit cards, Total GR, AS24, Eurotrafic
La Garde2019-09-10
La Rochellecredit cards, debit cards, filling card24h
Manosquecredit cards, debit cards, fleet cards, Romac Fuels24h
Marolles-sur-Seinecredit cards, debit cards, fleet cards, Romac Fuels
Miramascredit cards, debit cards, Badge V-GAS, Romac Fuels24h
Pessaccash, credit cards, Total GR, AS24, Eurotrafic24h
Quimpercredit cards, debit cards, Badge GNVert6-21h...
Reimscash, credit cards, Total GR, AS24, Eurotrafic6-21h
Saint-Vincent-de-Paulcredit cards, debit cards, fleet cards, Romac Fuels
Vern-sur-Seichecredit cards, debit cards24h2020-08-20
BeuzevilleBadge Air Liquide, Romac Fuels24h2020-08-21
ChemaudinBadge Air Liquide, Romac Fuels24h
CraywickBadge Gas Natural
Le Havrecash, credit cards, Total GR, AS24, Eurotrafic2020-08-21
Le Val-d'Ajol
MâconBadge Air Liquide24h
PloufraganBadge Air Liquide, Romac Fuels24h
Saint-Pierre-du-MontTotal GR, AS24, Eurotrafic24h
Sainte-Geneviève-des-BoisCarte Axègaz24h
TrappesTotal GR, AS24, Eurotrafic24h
Villeneuve-sur-Lotfilling card1

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