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Attention: The old static POIs are no longer maintained starting 2015. Please use the new dynamic POI Download that gives always current data.
The outdated files are still available here some time for the purpose of comparison.

POIs for Southeast Europe

(Points of interest for navigation systems)

Current version: 1.4.8 ⇒Download
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Release date: 2014-12-03

The following countries are included:

The following formats are included:

The Google Maps overview of all points is outdated and cannot be updated any more. Thanks Google!


Version Date Content
1.4.8 2014-12-03 Added one new station in Hungary.
1.4.7 2014-11-07 Added four new stations in Bulgaria and corrected one position.
1.4.6 2014-09-20 Added 3 new stations in Turkey.
1.4.5 2014-06-30 Added one station in Slovenia.
1.4.4 2014-05-24 Corrected one position in Serbia and one position in Greece.
1.4.3 2014-05-09 Added one station in Hungary and one station in Serbia.
1.4.2 2013-12-22 Added two new stations in Greece and corrected 1 position in Turkey.
1.4.1 2013-09-22 Added one new station in Serbia. Removed 4, added 3 stations and corrected 21 positions in Bulgaria. Added two (NGV2-only) stations in Turkey.
1.4.0 2013-08-17 Added new country Greece with 1 station. Added two new stations in Serbia. Removed three, added 12 stations and corrected 26 positions in Bulgaria.
1.3.3 2013-06-06 Added one new station in Croatia.
1.3.2 2013-01-29 Removed the finally closed station in Istanbul.
1.3.1 2012-12-22 Added two further stations and corrected nine positions in Bulgaria. Added six new stations in Turkey.
1.3.0 2012-08-20 New country Macedonia with two stations.
1.2.2 2012-07-08 Shortened desciptions. New format for iGO. Corrected positions in Slovenia, Croatia and Hungary. Updated opening hours in Croatia and Hungary. Added one new station in Slovenia.
1.2.1 2011-12-29 Five new stations and five corrected positions in Bulgaria.
1.2.0 2011-12-13 New country: Slovenia
1.1.2 2011-11-23 fixed wrong Garmin format
1.1.1 2011-11-11 One new station in Hungary
1.1.0 2011-10-08 New country: Moldova
1.0.0 2011-07-06 Initial version

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