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CNGCardCentrum filling card

A short extract from an article in the GVR #63, Apr 2007:
The system uses a single universal customer card registered either for the vehicle or for the driver, and allows round-the-clock access to all CNG dispensers in the Czech Republic that are included in the system. The respective distribution company bills the cardholder for the CNG taken on a monthly basis. A driver can obtain his customer card under contract with only one distribution company, which also trains the driver in safe vehicle refuelling.


  1. Choose a filling station with CNGCardCentrum payment where you want to get your training and the filling card. This is usually the first filling station where you want to fill.
  2. Look for the contact person of the gas distributor of this station and send him a message that you would like to have the contract for the filling card.
    (I have got an old copy of the contract for your information.)
  3. Fill in the contract form and send it back.
  4. Make an appointment with the contact person for the training.
  5. Attend the training at the station and you will get the filling card!


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