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Data Privacy Statement

The data privacy statement explains which personal data is processed and for which goal the data is used. Generally no data will be passed to third parties. The german Bundesdatenschutzgesetz and the european General Data Protection Regulation are applicable for this web site.

Feedback Forms

When using the feedback forms, the IP address of the user will be recorded.
It is not mandatory to fill in the email address in most forms, except in the filling report without a forum link. But please note that call backs are difficult or impossible without email address. The email address is also used to estimate the trustworthyness of the submitted message.
The IP and email address can be used for spam protection.
Messages older than about 1 year will be deleted (manually) and thereby all recorded personal information related to the message.

POI Download

When downloading POIs the following data will be recorded:

These data are used to optimize the web services to better suit the needs of the users. (E.g. for the questions: Which countries are more important? Which major browsers and devices are used?)

Information about data and their deletion

Users who submitted their email address can request information about all data collected together with their email address, and this data can be deleted.
We cannot provide information about data related to IP addresses because we cannot assure that the IP address belongs to the requesting person.

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